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Kizlyar Supreme brand entered the knife arena in December 2011 simultaneously in Russia, Australia and Germany.

However the idea of a Russian company that can combine best Russian and Western traditions: innovation, progressive design, modern materials and technologies as well as great service was born long before that.

Since 2009 the team of our designers worked hard on creating our first models. Among our members we have Australians, Germans, Japanese, Ukrainians, but most of us are of course, Russian.

For those who start it is never easy. And our team also had its share of difficulties, we had yet to get experience. However, no obstacles could stop us, we were moved by a common goal – create a high-quality brand with the Russian roots.

From the very beginning, we determined our orienteers – quality and acceptable price. 

Kizlyar Supreme FactoryWe decided to shake the local mass production knives market where nothing exciting was happening, while foreign companies got better and better hold in the Russian market, pushing the local knife producers aside and even replacing them.

We wanted our Russian customers to be able to get great materials and awesome designs that can compete with best Western companies at acceptable prices. 

Among the first Kizlyar Supreme knives to see the world in 2011 were four models: Amigo X and Z, Nikki and Santi, then in 2012 we offered Tactical Echelon and Outdoor Series. 

Many of Kizlyar Supreme knives, especially the Tactical Echelon Series quickly became popular among the Russian military, particularly in units specializing in search and rescue, recon, antiterrorism and secret services.

Kizlyar Supreme FactoryTactical Echelon knives are supplied with very durable and versatile sheath system. The sheath design allows for speedy draw as well as being rattlefree. 

The versatility of the MOLLE webbing on the sheaths allows for comfortable carry as well as customization capabilities. A number of special orders have been produced for these units. Some knives have been modified specifically to the needs of particular customers. Currently most of our knives are fully MOLLE compatible.

We are proud to note that we have special connections with some of the leading knife experts among the different Russian military units, who make sure that our knives are regularly tested in various conditions and the results are reported to us for further improvements, when necessary.

  1. a few cases, their help was fundamental to realize the potential of our knives to their fullest.


Kizlyar Supreme FactoryToday our product range features a few dozens of models and in 2014 we will present another half a dozen at least, most of which have already made quite a lot of noise in the Russian knife forums and knife expert circles.

We are happy to announce that this year we are opening a new high-tech full cycle knifemanufacturing factory.

Our new modern high precision CNC equipment will allow us to produce even more sophisticated and original knives of higher quality.

An important part of our work is researching what people like and what they really want so that we can offer them the knives that would be of interest and use to their owners.

This is how the revolutionary for the Russian market idea of a universal MOLLE attachment system came up to us, while thanks to the feedback from our users we improved and strengthened even further the blade of mighty Survivalist. Kizlyar Supreme FactoryBesides that, it was the drawings and involvement of a huge group of knife experts from the tightly-knit Russian knife forums that we created our knife Intruder.

We are open to communication, feedback and any comments that would allow us to become better.

We would like to thank everyone who supports our ambitious goal:

- first of all our valuable customers and enthusiasts;

- veterans from the knife forums;

- experts in the knife industry;

- production specialists;

- and all the knife fans.

 With you we have been able to get so far and with you we will continue to grow stronger.